Virus Mania

Covid -19 As an American citizen I often wonder about information I hear on the News about Covid-19 and how it is transmitted. The Center for disease control (CDC) States that the virus is airborne and that proper hand washing and the wearing of mask and total distancing can limit the spread of the disease. News consistently emphasize to wear mask and wash your hands. I have been listening to the CDC and the media and I have yet to hear them mention that since this virus is airborne that it is recommended to wear goggles or some form of glasses to protect the eyes. This virus is still being studied as the symptoms continue to increase.Shortness of breath,Cough,Fever,Sore Throat, Diarreha,Chest pain,Headaches and now Body Rash. I Have no evidence of where this virus came from ,but the Media States that it came from Wuhan China. COVID-19 may be here to stay ,but the American people will out live this epidemic .As long as we continue to fight we will overcome.


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